Ireland had mixed fortunes at Leamington Spa today. After day one, the Senior Fours and Triples will be through to their respective finals tomorrow. Unfortunately, Ross McMullan lost out to an inform Ross Owens (Wales), whilst Paul Daly and Simon Martin lost to the English opposition in the Pairs.

Josh Thompson (U18) and Jack Moffett (U25) start their competitions tomorrow.

All today’s results are shown below.

Men’s Triples (QF)

P.Daly, S.Bennett & S.Martin 20

M.Gomme, M.Hyde & A.Briden (England) 13

Men’s Senior Fours (QF)

N.Thompson, R.Horner, D.Corkill & R.Barr 23

G.Thomas, G. Le Cornu, R.Le Sueur & T.Smith (Jersey) 13

Men’s Singles (QF)

Ross McMullan 9 Ross Owen (Wales) 21

Men’s Pairs (SF)

Paul Daly & Simon Martin 6

Nick Wardle & Joe Dawson (England) 15

Men’s Triples (SF)

Paul Daly, Stuart Bennett & Simon Martin 19

Ben Matthews, M.Watkins & Wyn Matthews (Wales) 14

Men’s Fours (SF)

Jenny Shepard, James Shaw, Colin Hogg & Mark Wilson 15

Steve Hill, Harry Mycock, Dominic McVittie & Martin Spencer (England) 22

Men’s Senior Fours (SF)

Norman Thompson, Robin Horner, David Corkill & Raymond Barr 15

Clive Williams, Paul Hayden, Peter Williams & Steve Batten (Wales) 14

After an extra end

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