BIBC Junior Internationals

The Junior Internationals took place over the weekend.

The series was won by Wales in what was one on the best series for many years. All the games were very competitive with some excellent bowling. The Irish team although finishing in 4th place played extremely well in all three games.

First game was against Wales. Tight game with Wales emerging as winners by 17 shots.

Next was against Scotland and what prove to be a very close game with just a few shots in the game throughout. Scotland emerging winners by just 10 shots.

The final game against England was again close the whole way with both sides swapping the lead. The game was important to Wales as after they beat Scotland by 24 shots in their last game the winning of the series was dependant on Ireland not losing by 17 shots or more. With the last end to be played by Shane Leonards rink England were 13 shots ahead. Therefore needing 4 shots to win the series. At one time lying 5 they only managed 2 shots and Wales won the series much to the delight of the Welsh team and their supporters crowded around the green.

Congratulations Wales but also well done to the Irish lads, especially the new caps who put in very creditable performances. With a fews heads going differently it could have been very interesting in all three games.

Next year the BIBC Junior Internationals will move to Elgin, Scotland.


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