IBA Championships 2017

This years IBA Championships were completed yesterday at NICS BC and for once we didn’t see any rain over the three days.

There was some excellent bowling in all the finals with some very close finishes.

Congratulations to all the winners who will now represent Ireland at the British Isles Championships in Leamington Spa next year and commiserations to the losers.



DSCN1149 DSCN1151 DSCN1156 DSCN1158 DSCN1160 DSCN1162 DSCN1163 DSCN1164 DSCN1165 DSCN1170 DSCN1171 DSCN1172 DSCN1173 DSCN1174 DSCN1175 DSCN1176 DSCN1177 DSCN1178 DSCN1179 DSCN1180 DSCN1181 DSCN1182 DSCN1183 DSCN1184 DSCN1185

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