IBA International Assessment Day – 10th May 2015


Rink draws for Assessment Day on Sunday 10 May at 11:00am (at Belmont Bowling Club) are set out below. The Dress Code is Greys with White or Club Shirt.

D. Atkinson           G. Robinson
N. Robinson          D. Smith
A. Duncan              T. Crawford
G. McCloy      v      S. Coleman

G. Pierpoint          M. Bickerstaff
A. O’Keffee            R. Kirkwood
S. Bennett             R. Leonard
I. McClure     v     S. Leonard

J. Montgomery    S. Kirkwood
S. Colvin                P. Convery
A. Paul                   C. McCartan
G. Kelly          v      R. Hastings

S. Jess                    S. Shields
J. Byrne                M. Trainor
G. McGleave        A. Hughes
M. McHugh   v     M. Wilson

A. Johnston          C. Brogan
M. Torrington      J.R. Wilson
N. Mulholland      S. McKinley
A. Kyle           v       B. McAlary

P. Daly                    S. Gibson
R. Maher                A. Coleman
S. Martin                D.J. Wilson
B. Kane        v         B. Browne


The following players have been selected to take part in an ‘International Assessment Day’ to be held on Sunday 10th May 2015 at 11:00am;
Venue – Belmont Bowling Club.

Players to confirm availability to Jim Baker (International Team Manager) before 26th April (Tel: 07920 017 082).

Robert Allen

Robert Maher
Darren Atkinson

Simon Martin

Stuart Bennet

Conor McCartan
Michael Bickerstaff

Gary McCloy
Chris Brogan

Ian McClure
Barry Browne

Gerard McGleave
John Byrne

Martin McHugh
Alistair Coleman

Mervyn McKeeman
Stephen Coleman

Stephen McKinley
Simon Colvin

Mark McPeak
Peter Convery

Jack Montgomery
Clifford Craig

Neil Mulholland
Terry Crawford

Andy O’Keeffe
Paul Daly

Alan Paul
Andrew Duncan

Gareth Pierpoint
Robert Hastings

Gerard Robinson
Andrew Hughes

Nigel Robinson
Sott Jess

Steven Shields
Andrew Johnston

Derek Smith
Barry Kane

James Talbot
Gary Kelly

Aaron Tennant
Robert Kirkwood

Martin Trainor
Stephen Kirkwood

D J Wilson
Andrew Kyle

J R Wilson
Richard Leonard

Mark Wilson
Shane Leonard

Darren Witherspoon

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