IBA International Team Assessment Day – 15th May

The following players (inc. reserves) are requested to attend an Assessment Day.

To be held at Belmont BC on 15th May starting at 11.00am. Players should wear Club shirts and White trousers.

A Tennant A O,Keefe A Paul B McAlary
J Montgomery N Robinson T Crawford  I McClure
R McMullan  J Byrne S Martin G Kelly
D Atkinson  R Kirkwood G McCloy A Kyle
S Jess A Coleman C Hogg R Hastings
S Gibson S McKinley B Kane  M McHugh
S Shields JR Wilson M Torrington G McKee
R Kane M McAleese C MCartan M Wilson
A Johnston M Crawford DJ Wilson B Browne
P Daly M Albert A Hughes  A Duncan
G Pierpoint G McGleave N Mulholland R Leonard
C Trainor M Trainor S Bennett S Coleman
Reserves:(To attend) Dean Mills N Beggs

Please confirm availability with Team manager Jim Baker. Mob. 07920 017082

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