Ireland International team – So close but yet………………..

At around noon today, Irish hearts were fluttering as it was a distinct possibility that Ireland could win the International series for the first time since 2009, also at Belmont BC.

Ireland had beaten Scotland by 21 shots and narrowly lost to England by 11 shots on Saturday.

England had won both games against Wales and Ireland by small margins.

So Ireland had to beat Wales and hope that Scottish would beat England. And that almost happened.

Ireland took charge against Wales for the start eventually winning by a massive 48 shots with all six rinks winning. Now, all we needed was for Scotland to win the game against England. With just 4 ends to come in Colin Walker (Scotland) got a six to tie the score across the green. Unfortunately, England held out to win by 6 shots in the last three ends to crush Irish hopes and win the title with three out of three wins.

A great performance by Ireland puts them in second place on the final table with a higher shot aggregate that everyone else.

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An excellent first series for the new management team of Neill Booth and Tommy Smith.

Maybe next year!!!


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