Ireland Young Bowlers v Scotland Young Bowlers

The second year of this fixture. Another very useful development exercise for these young players who enjoyed a competitive day’s play against a talented Scottish side. The plan is to travel to Scotland next year.

Benefits the players by experiencing bowls at international level, helps the selectors to identify potential and players who may graduate to under 25 squads in the future.

Ireland Young Bowlers v Scotland Young Bowlers At Old Bleach BC on Thursday 7th July

Scotland won by 2 tests to 1, 18 points to 12.

DSCN2193             DSCN2206



Test 1     Pairs  

Cameron Gaw, Dale Bodles            Lost         12-19                       v R Hillis

Colum O’Brien, Ryan McElroy      Lost         6-22                          v D Weir

Shea Martin, Adam Jones                Lost         9-20                          v B Davidson

Sam Barkley, Jack Moffett               Won       14-6                          v P Innes

Rory Ruddock, Reece Millar           Lost         9-18                          v S Lowrie

Cathal Gillen, Adam McKeown    Lost         11-18                       v D Riva


Test 2     Singles and Triples

Shea Martin                                             Lost         4-9, 1-11                v D Robertson

Sam Barkley                                             Won       6-8, 8-6, 2-0         v B Davidson

Cameron Gaw                                         Won       8-3, 6-6                   v C Mackintosh


Sam Curran, Colum O’Brien, Adam McKeown        Won       15-11 v D Riva

Ryan McElroy, Mick Hedley, Jack Moffett                  Won       11-9 v M Stevenson

Rory Ruddock, Dale Bodles, Adam Jones                   Lost         9-20 v D Weir


Test 3     Fours

Curran, Gillen, Millar, McKeown                                    Lost         9-18 v S Lowrie

Martin, Gaw, McElroy, Jones                          Lost         7-14 v P Innes

Barkley, Bodles, Hedley, Moffett Won       22-18 v D Weir

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