U-18 International Test Series -v- Scottish Young Bowlers

U-18 International Test Series -v- Scottish Young Bowlers

A fantastic day of bowls began with the first test at 9.30 am which consisted of 6 Pairs Games. Refreshingly the 2 teams were both mixed for the first time this year and the standard was extremely high. The Green at Old Bleach was running well, and a good crowd watched proceedings.

To put into a little perspective, Scotland had a trial day at which 90 young bowlers attended. They have produced a strong conveyor belt of talent and this is something that we will hope to copy in the years ahead.

There were some promising performances form the Ireland U-18 team and from a personal perspective I was delighted to see the 4 young girls playing on the team for the first time. What a great future they have ahead of them.

Bowl of the day undoubtedly goes to young Jayden Kyle, son of Irish International bowler Andrew, who with game against in his Singles Match against Aimee Harris produced a top-drawer trail to win the points for Ireland. One to remember.

The Results were as follows


Test 1 (Pairs)

6 x Pairs

Chloe Wilson & Shauna O’Neill                         lost to              Aimee Harris & Lauren Roddie

Jayden Kyle & Jordan Rankin                             Beat                 Lauren Chambers & Paul Smith

Johnnie Hedley & Carter Sloan                          lost to              Chelsea Bain & Lewis Betts

Francis Savage & Colum O’Brien                        Lost to              Emma Blyth & Robbie Buchanan

Alex Cromie & Nathan Minish                           Lost to              Melissa Penman & Rebecca Houston

Laura Cassells & William Orr                              Beat                 Arron Betts & Andrew Jamieson

Test 1 Score

Scotland           12 Points

Ireland             6 Points


Test 2 (Singles & Triples)

3 x Singles

Jayden Kyle                                                      Beat                 Aimee Harris

Shauna O’Neill                                                  Lost to              Rebecca Houston

Carter Sloan                                                     Lost to              Arron Betts

3 x Triples

Chloe Wilson, Brad Hutchinson, Colum O’BrienLost to              Chelsea Bain, Lauren Roddie, Andrew Jamieson

Zoe Minish, Daniel Donnan, Jordan Rankin        Beat                 Melissa Penman, Paul Smith, Robbie Buchanan

Peter Haughey, Francis Savage, William Orr       Lost to              Lauren Chambers, Emma Blyth, Lewis Betts


Test 2 Score

Scotland           12 Points

Ireland             6 Points


Test 3 (Fours)

L Cassells, B Hutchinson, W Orr, C O’Brien         Lost to              A Harris, M Penman, P Smith, L Betts

Z Minish, A Cromie, D Donnan, C Sloan              Lost to              L Chambers, E Blyth, A Jamieson, R Buchanan

P Haughey, J Hedley, N Minish, J Rankin            Lost to              A Betts, C Bain, L Roddie, R Houston


Test 3 Score

Scotland           9 Points

Ireland             0 Points


Neil Booth

High Performance Coach

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